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Hub2Co offers a variety of marketing content projects, ranging from offline promotional materials to online social media content, for creative talents from various fields of professions. Creative talents can join different Qualification Groups and set their own hourly rate to ensure their efforts spent on the projects are valued and protected. No matter you are a copywriter, graphic designer, or creative director, join us and get hired for projects. Develop your creative career at Hub2Co now!


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Coming from several leading media outlets and advertising agencies, our team members have extensive creative, marketing, and project management experience. Hub2Co is a Creative Marketplace that helps creative talents develop their career and personal brand, and allows marketers and brands to easily hire diversified and quality creative services that drive marketing effectiveness.

We look forward to building an environment that facilitate creativity to thrive. Come and let us show you our story and culture.

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We value your creativity and uphold your rights as a creative talent.
Hub2Co actively matches projects for talents and provide support and assistance throughout the project period, so as to empower talents to develop their own personal brand and career.

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To break through a creative bottleneck, it would be very helpful to see how fellow creatives overcome theirs. Our Talent Community aims to unite creative talents to support each other, grow together, and realize our potentials.

In order to provide all-round supports, we are here to strengthen our industry network, brainstorm solutions for our challenges, and get inspired by fellow creatives through offline Networking and Meetup Events and online Community Platform.

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