Our Story and Beliefs

Encourage Creativity, Empower Creative Talents

Our Story

This is a story about pursuing creativity.
In seven years' time, we are reaching our goal one step at a time. It all began with our co-founder, KeL.

In early 2011, KeL said goodbye to his job in media which often had him stuck at office day and night. He then started pursuing a creative freelance career. Working as a freelancer helped him regain the control of his time and strike a healthier work-life balance. However, it is difficult to maintain a livelihood solely from freelance projects. Working alone is especially overwhelming when you face various kinds of challenges all by yourself and there is a lack of support and assistance at work. Freelancing could be an extremely bumpy road.

“Creative career is a profession like many others, but why is it so challenging for us to make a living?”

To better secure the remuneration of being a creative talent and provide a wider range of creative services, KeL has established an advertising agency with Cherla (one of the co-founders of Hub2Co) to provide content marketing services. In the beginning, the company's brand has not yet been established. It was very exhausting to run a company with insufficient manpower and business experience. It was only when the effectiveness of their work got appreciated and recognized by their clients, the business is getting better and better.

Marketers and brands have been requesting many different types of marketing content for their audience, as diversification is the key to successful digital marketing. To satisfy the marketers' needs, freelance creative talents are often hired for some niche services. All of these creative talents bring their best to work and strive to produce high-quality work in every project. KeL really feels their creative enthusiasm as they treat every project like it's their own.

“A creative marketplace platform should be developed to pair up marketers and creative talents and facilitate their collaborations.”

Creative talents should be empowered to realize their potentials while marketers’ immense needs for diversified marketing content can be satisfied. KeL believes that developing a creative marketplace platform would provide more opportunities for all creative talents to pursue creativity.

To successfully establish and expand Hub2Co as a creative marketplace, KeL and Cherla bring in Regan and Tony for their finance and programming expertise. After months of preparation and gathering ideas and opinions from the creative community, our platform was launched in mid-2018. In the future, we will continue to improve our services and build more comprehensive functions to facilitate creative collaborations.

Corporate Culture: Vision and Mission

The world needs creativity. It is important to establish and maintain an environment that encourage great ideas.

Hub2Co is a startup that provides sophisticated talent matching and offers support for creative projects. Our Marketing Content Creative Marketplace Platform pairs up marketers and brands with talents who has the right skill sets and best idea to create effective marketing content.

Not only we allow marketers and brands to easily hire diversified and quality creative services, but also we provide more opportunities for creative talents to develop their career.

Hub2Co aims to extend our platform to other Cantonese-speaking and Chinese-speaking markets. We are committed to build a welcoming environment that facilitate creations and preserve Cantonese culture, encourage creative talents to realise their potentials, and nurture creativity.

Our Motto

“Create a world that encourages creativity and facilitates people to create”

Core Value

In order to accomplish our corporate vision, our team members share the same core beliefs and values. Hub2Co's corporate culture starts from three aspects: Characters, Manners, and Beliefs, which are developed into the following six core values.

Honest and Modest

Be a sincere and genuine person who is humble to learn

Friendly and Optimistic

Treat everyone with kindness and respect, and stay positive

Trustworthy and Responsible

Earn trust by being cautious and responsible for the actions we take

Cooperative and Understanding

Be understanding of others. Cooperative spirit to do the best job possible

Innovative and Self-motivated

Solve our problems with creative thinking, ambition, and perseverance

Sharing and Mutually Beneficial

Willingness to share opens up the opportunity for a win-win for all people

Strategic Partners

We wish to promote the development of the Chinese Cultural and Creative Industries and open up more opportunities for creative talents. Partner with us if you share our vision.

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