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About Talent Community

The process of creation is full of challenges and difficulties, which at times could be very demanding and frustrating. The happiness and sense of achievement once you overcome a creative bottleneck could only be understood by fellow creatives.

This is what makes people loves to create.

We all are creative talents. We understand what it takes to be a creative – efforts, patience, and perseverance. Wouldn't it be great if we have company to provide support or even guidances on our way to creativity?

We develop our Talent Community in hope of uniting all creative talents to support each other, grow together, and realize our potentials.

In order to provide all-round supports, our Talent Community reaches out to you in two ways:
Online platform is for peer inspiration and knowledge exchange to help each other solve their creative challenges. Offline activities encourages sharing and networking to strengthen our industry network. Talent Community aims to bring together every creative to offer sustainable solutions for our creative industries.

Networking and Meetup Events

To touch the hearts of our audience, what we create must be relevant and provide resonance. To stay informed on what matters to our society, we should go out and experience in person.

Our Talent Community will organise sharing sessions and meetups to gather creative talents to strengthen our network and get ideas and inspirations from each other.

We will organize diversified Community Events. There will be workshops to enhance our skills and knowledge, social events and gatherings to meet other creative professionals. Stay tuned for our new activities and take a look at our previous sharing session.

Online Community Platform

Have you ever felt the loneliness of creativity? The efforts it takes to overcome the obstacles could be very exhausting. But it need not be a solitary journey. To break through the bottleneck, it would be helpful to get inspired by fellow creatives on how they overcome theirs.

Our Talent Community is also available online to provide support and assistance. There will be discussion forums for different fields of professions to learn and share​ ​their ​knowledge.

We are also planning to develop a Resource Centre to assist your creative production and a Marketplace for your work. Stay tuned for our latest news. If you have any opinions on our Talent Community, please share with us via the survey below.

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