How It Works

An Overview of Outsourcing Projects at Hub2Co

Project outsourcing can be a headache but let us help!

Hub2Co analyzes your needs, matches your talents, and monitors your projects

  • Analyze Your Needs: Fill out and submit the project requirement form to us. We will contact you to learn your needs, analyze your project specifications and match the right creative talents that suit your project and budget. All done at your fingertips to save you from all the hassles.
  • Made-to-Order Matching: All creative projects are customizable at Hub2Co. We categorize project requirements into service format, team size, cultural background, creative style, etc. With our different service plans, all kinds of outsourcing needs can be easily satisfied.
  • Professional Talent Pool: Talents' identities and qualifications are carefully verified and classified into different Qualification Groups according to their years of experience. Accredited qualifications helps you to find the most suitable creative team.

What do clients need to prepare before getting service quotes?

Clients need to fill out the project requirement form specifying the type of services needed. Hub2Co project specialists will reach out to you to learn your detailed requirements, e.g. project timeline, the number of deliverables, etc. If clients have any questions in outsourcing creative projects, our project specialists will help you find the answer.

How can creative projects be tailor-made?

Hub2Co understands all projects are different so we have to customize our services to meet clients' needs. We categorize project requirements into:

  • Project background: e.g. nature of the content, target audience, project timeline, expected results
  • Clients background: e.g. business type, brief details, internal approval procedures
  • Creative requirement: e.g. creative style, skills required, cultural background, level of expertise

In each service plan, clients can customize for their project. Our project specialists will assist you all the way through and help satisfy all your project needs. Please click here for more service plans details.

How does Hub2Co evaluate creative talents' quality and the Qualification Groups they are in?

The identity and qualification of each creative talent are verified to ensure the information provided is true and accurate. Only verified creative talents can participate in projects. They will be classified into 3 Qualification Groups:

  • Seasoned – Group A: with 6 years or above of relevant experience
  • Experienced – Group B: with less than 6 years of relevant experience
  • Skilled – Group C: graduates / expecting graduates of creative related field of study

Clients can choose to work with creative talents from different Qualification Groups with flexibility. For instance, in a flyer production project, the client can hire a copywriter from Group B and a graphic designer from Group A.

Collaborate with talents precisely matched By Big Data

Sophisticated Big Data talent matching finds you the best creative talents satisfying all project needs

  • Project Matching: Clients' requirements, e.g. creative culture and styles, will be compared to the skills and experience of creative talents via Hub2Co’s Big Data matching system to find the most suitable creative talent.
  • Talent Selection: Hub2Co will shortlist the best-match creative talents for clients to review their portfolio and resume. Clients can also compare their quotations to decide which talent to hire for the project, and then prepay project fee to kick off the project.
  • Urgent Request: Our speed-match service helps clients who have urgent needs to match with selected talent directly within the same day at the fastest. Clients may also opt for the creative talents whom they have collaborated before and receive service fee waiver coupon.

How does Hub2Co match creative talents with projects?

Project matching will be conducted in accordance with clients' requirements, e.g. project timeline, target audience, creative style, skill required, project budget, business type, etc. Hub2Co’s Big Data matching system will evaluate the relevance of talents’ skills and experience to the project requirements for clients' selection.

How do clients confirm matching and start the project?

After talents are shortlisted, Hub2Co will email details of the suggested creative talents for clients’ selection. Clients can also view the creative talents' portfolio and resume, as well as the feedback they earned from other clients for reference. Clients can compare the quotations and proposed working hours to decide whom to hire.

All projects are protected by contract agreements. Hub2Co will prepare the contracts that clearly state the project fees and service scope to protect the clients' interests. Clients can choose payment methods. All projects only begin after clients have settled project fees, which will be held in escrow at Hub2Co until the project is successfully completed.

How long does the matching usually take?

From the submission of project requirement form, to follow up analysis and talent matching, projects can be kick-started within 3 days. Once the project fee is settled, the project will begin. To ensure both clients and creative talents are aligned with the same project goals, the pre-kickoff stage may take some time to clearly present all project requirements which could be subjective and ambiguous at times.

If clients have an urgent need for creative talents, or they wish to shorten the time for talent matching, they can choose our speed-match services. Talent matching can be done in 1 day at the fastest. Clients may also opt for the creative talents whom they have collaborated before. Clients will be granted a service fee waiver to encourage more re-collaboration. Click here to learn more.

Project management support to ensure quality and timely progress updates

Project milestones will be tailor-made for clients to supervise project progress and give timely feedback

  • Progress Alert: Hub2Co can customize project timeline for clients to supervise team progress. Alerts could be sent to clients and creative talents to keep up with the schedule.
  • Feedback Mechanism: "Project Feedback Form" can be provided for clients to give comments for improvements. Any comments are consolidated for easy reference and handling.
  • Service Support: Ranging from project management to evaluation of deliverables, clients can ask for Hub2Co’s support. Clients may also hire a dedicated project manager to assist in supervising the project team and providing revision suggestions.

How does project milestones help to supervise progress?

The project milestones* will be tailor-made with reference to project specifications, e.g. deadlines, creation workflow, etc. We take the needs of all parties into accounts when we propose the initial timeline and milestones which can be the shortest yet feasible. Both clients and creative talents can request to adjust the milestones as the project moves forward.

Our alert function* can help all parties to keep up with the progress. Alert will be sent to clients when they need to make comments and feedbacks. The project timeline also clearly states the daily schedule and deadline for draft or feedback submission. Clients can know the progress in one glance.

* Note: Service details vary depending on the service plan selected. Click here to learn more.

How can clients give feedbacks?

We can provide "Project Feedback Form" for clients to indicate comments for improvements. The Project Feedback Form consolidates comments (including changes in copywriting, layout design, graphic design, color adjustment, etc) into bullet points for easy reference. Creative talents will not miss out any comments unhandled.

* Note: Service details vary depending on the service plan selected. Click here to learn more.

How do Hub2Co render supports for project management?

Hiring the right talents is key to successful delivery of the project. Hub2Co matches the best team for clients and ensures effective communication between clients and talents even with different cultural and language background. Other project management supports for the client include:

  • Prepare service agreement to list out collaboration details
  • Customized project milestones for easy supervision of progress
  • Alert service and feedback forms to assist in managing and tracking the project
  • Dedicated Project Manager on demand if clients want to more assistance in supervising the project

All communications between clients and creative talents should be recorded and kept by Hub2Co. When there are disputes, clients should raise to Hub2Co. Hub2Co will act as the neutral intermediary to resolve.

* Note: Service details vary depending on the service plan selected. Click here to learn more.

Contract agreement protection and secured payment held in escrow

Hub2Co helps to prepare a contract which clearly states project fees and provide escrow services to protect the interests of clients and creative talents.

  • Service Agreement: Hub2Co prepares contracts that clearly state project details. A non-disclosure agreement is also available to protect the interests of clients.
  • Clear Project Fees: Clients can set their own budget for each project, or request creative talents to provide quotations with their hourly rates. Hub2Co's service fee is charged according to the service plans selected by the clients. All fees incurred for the project are clearly stated.
  • Escrow Payment: All project fees will be held in escrow at Hub2Co until the project is successfully completed. To avoid disputes, only with the client's confirmation or when the project deadline has passed, the payment will be released to creative talents.

How does Hub2Co prepare the contract? Can the contract details be changed?

All projects are protected by contract at Hub2Co which clearly states project scope, deliverables, project deadline, project fees, etc. The contract will need to be agreed by both clients and creative talents before the project starts. Let us do the paperwork to save you from all the hassles while assuring your rights are protected.

A non-disclosure agreement is also available to protect the interests of clients. Clients can always use their own contract agreement but Hub2Co should act as the neutral intermediary to confirm contract details and coordinate the sign-off.

How are the talent's creative fees and platform's service fees determined?

Outsourcing creative projects at Hub2Co can be very cost-saving, especially in terms of human resources. Therefore project fees at Hub2Co can be much lower than hiring an agency. Clients only have to pay a very cost-effective project fee* (i.e. "Creative Fees" to talents and "Service Fees" to Hub2Co), and they can enjoy quality and professional creative services.

*Brief Introduction to Project Fees
(1) Project Fees = Creative Fees to talents and Service Fees to Hub2Co
(2) Creative Fees = It can be either set by clients or obtain quotations from Talents
(3) Service Fees = A certain percentage of the Creative Fees

Clients can choose to either set the creative fee according to their budget, or clients can request creative talents to provide quotations according to project requirements and their hourly rates, and then clients can compare and decide which creative talent and quotation to accept. All creative fees are clearly priced, Hub2Co do not charge any markup on the creative fees.

While our platform's service fee is based on the service plan selected by clients and the project requirements, e.g. number of revisions, project duration, urgency, etc. It will be a certain percentage of the project's creative fees, and at a minimum of 3%. Taking an average rate of 6% in Pro Plan as an example, if a creative talent charges $3,000 for the project, Hub2Co will charge $180 for the service fee.

Can I pay in instalments and what payment methods are available?

To protect the interest of all parties, the project fees should be settled before the project starts and will be held in escrow at Hub2Co. The creative fee will only be released to creative talents until the project is approved by clients or when it reaches the project deadline. Clients can choose from a variety of payment methods, e.g. bank transfer or cheque by mail, and also choose to pay in instalments (*Depends on the service plan selected). Please note extra charges may incur in some of the payment methods.

How can clients get charges waiver and discounts?

To encourage more re-collaborations, Hub2Co offers a service fee waiver scheme for clients. Eligible clients, who re-collaborate with the same creative talent for a new project at Hub2Co, will receive a service fee waiver coupon. When the client hires another new talent in a new project, the coupon can be used to waive 3% of that service fee (*One coupon is applicable for one talent who is collaborated for the first time). The more re-collaborations you make, the more discount you receive. Please contact our project specialist to learn more.

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