How It Works

An Overview of Getting Projects at Hub2Co

Develop Career and Personal Brand

Hub2Co empowers talents to develop their own personal brand and career by offering them opportunities to work on diversified content creation and marketing projects. Talents of various Qualification Groups can feel free to set their project fee that truly represents the creative efforts they spent on the projects.

  • Diversified Projects: Talents can flex their creative muscles and work on a wide variety of projects from printed promotional materials to social media campaign.
  • Valued Work: Talents join different Qualification Groups and set their own hourly rate to ensure their efforts spent on the projects are valued and protected.
  • Career Development: By building up talent portfolio and developing personal brand at Hub2Co, Talents will be recommended to relevant projects.

How to get project on Hub2Co?

To sign up as a talent, you will have to register a member account at Hub2Co first. You can register with your social media accounts to speed up the process. After going through verifications, you can start getting project on Hub2Co.

What kinds of documents are required to sign up as a talent?

Hub2Co verifies the identity and qualifications of each creative talent to ensure authenticity of the identification and quality of service. Before signing up as a talent, please be prepared to upload scanned copies of the following supporting documents:

  • Identity document (e.g. ID card or Passport)
  • Proof of address (e.g. bank statement, utility bill, etc.)
  • Proof of employment or education (e.g. employment letter, tax return statement, name card, or certificate, transcript, etc.)

After submitting the information and documents, you can begin job application, in which you can build up your portfolio and submit past work for evaluation. The qualification information submitted will be used for project match up. The whole verification and assessment process can be completed within 48 hours at the earliest. Click here to sign up now.

Data-Science Project Matching

With the help of Big Data and Hub2Co's sophisticated algorithms, talents’ strengths and project requirements will be assessed to find the best match. Project scope and terms of service are clearly stated so that talents can easily receive and accept invitations to participate in the projects.

  • Best Match: Based on talents’ styles, skills, and experience, talents are matched with projects that they are a great fit for.
  • Get Invited: Hub2Co actively matches projects for talents. Talents will immediately get invited via email with detailed scope and requirements provided.
  • Improving Experience: From talents' response to an invitation to the evaluation after a project completes, we assess the data collected to improve the experience at Hub2Co.

How does project matching work?

Creative talents should provide comprehensive resume and portfolio (e.g. styles and skills, fields of specialty, types of project experience, uses of software, etc.) and update their latest status (e.g. availability to take project, preferred communication methods, language proficiency, etc.) Through Hub2Co's data-science matching system, the above information will be assessed against the requirements of different projects to find the best match project for creative talents.

After a project is matched, Hub2Co will invite creative talents via email, in which project scope and terms of service are clearly stated so that creative talents can easily accept invitations to participate in the projects. After getting confirmation from client, Hub2Co will immediately contact both parties to kick off the project.

How to get more projects to further develop your creative career?

Hub2Co is committed to provide more opportunities for creative talents to develop their career. We also establish a Bonus Scheme to encourage consistently high service quality. To enhance your chances to get more projects and develop a creative career, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Prompt response to project invitation
  • Be responsible and actively communicate your ideas and project progress with the client
  • Deliver your work on time and provide feedback to client's comments
  • Strive to produce high-quality work which also fulfills project requirements

Support Throughout the Project

From preparing service contract, project communication issues, to challenges encountered during creative process, Hub2Co will continuously provide assistance along the way and our Talent Community will be here to offer peer support.

  • Service Contract: All projects are protected by contract at Hub2Co. Save you all the troubles and your rights are protected.
  • Fair and Reciprocity: Hub2Co advocates reciprocal collaboration. All communications and project progress are tracked to promote efficiency and Hub2Co will act as an intermediary to resolve conflicts and disputes.
  • All-Round Support: There will always be difficulties in the process of creation, talents can always come to Hub2Co and our Talent Community to look for support and assistance.

What kinds of support are provided before project begins?

Service contract and documents (e.g. quotation, invoice, etc.) will clearly state the project scope and details (e.g. the number and size of deliverables, expected project completion date, project fee, etc.) These tedious yet important documents are provided by Hub2Co to save you time and ensure remuneration protection.

After project has begun, what kinds of support does Hub2co provide?

Creative talents and clients should keep a record of their project communications. And please be sure to keep Hub2Co in the project email loop. In the event of a dispute, creative talent should take initiative to submit such dispute to Hub2Co in writing. With reference to the service contract and relevant communication records, we will act as intermediary to help both parties to negotiate in an attempt to find the best solution.

At the same time, we understand often there are difficulties in the process of creation. Creative talents can come to our Talent Community to look for support and assistance from fellow talents (e.g. solutions to technical issues, inspirations for creative ideas, etc.) For more information about Talent Community, click here to learn more.

Secured Payment and Reward

Talents' rights and creativity should be valued. Hub2Co is here to secure project fee and project assets, which will only be released to talents and clients after the project is successfully completed. Hub2Co has a Bonus Scheme for talents who has repeat collaborations with the same client.

  • Escrow Payment: To protect talents' rights, a project begins after client has settled project fee, which will be held in escrow at Hub2Co until the project is successfully completed.
  • Get Paid on Time: Project fee will be transferred to talents after a project is successfully completed and approved by clients or after project’s service deadline.
  • Rewarding Bonus: After a project ends, if a talent is re-invited by the same client for a new project, the transaction fee of the new project will be waived, and there will also be a bonus rewarded for the new project.

How to collect project fee and what are the charges?

Project only begins after client has settled the project fee, which will be held in escrow at Hub2Co. The project fee will be released to the bank account of creative talent until the project is approved by clients or after project’s service deadline. This can ensure that you get paid for all work successfully completed. Hub2Co charges creative talents 3% of the project fee for the transaction and escrow services. For instance, if the project fee is $1,000, the charges are $30.

What is the Bonus Scheme and how do I get a Bonus?

To encourage consistently high service quality and promote repeat collaborations, Hub2Co has established a Bonus Scheme. After a project ends, if a talent is re-invited by the same client for a new project, the transaction and escrow fee (3%) of the new project will be waived, and there will also be a bonus (5%) rewarded for the new project. For instance, if the new project is $5,000, the $150 transaction and escrow fee is waived, and you can earn a bonus of $250.

There is no limit to the number of repeat clients and number of project. There is also no ceiling for the bonus you can earn. The more repeat collaborations there is, the more bonus you earn.

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