Develop Your Creative Career

Match Your Skills and Get Your Pays Secured

Creative Talents Wanted

We welcome creative talents, of different styles, with cultural backgrounds, and from different places to join us. Hub2Co is here to help build your own personal brand and develop your career.


Journalist, Editor, Translator, Scriptwriter, Copywriter

Graphic Design

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Creative Direction

Art Director, Creative Director

Project Work

We match you with suitable projects that fit your styles and skills. With clear project scope and requirements, you can freely choose to participate or not. You can also rest assured that all projects at Hub2Co are protected by contract agreements, your efforts will be paid as agreed.

What Benefits Do We Offer?

We value creativity and protects your the rights and welfare. We provide supports to you throughout the projects and establish Bonus Scheme to encourage re-collaboration.

Develop Your Career

We empower you to develop your brand by confirming your authentic identity and acknowledging your creative value

Choose Your Job

We match the project with your styles and skills and give you the autonomy to decide your pay according to the project scope

Support Your Creation

We set clear project milestones and timeline with consolidated comments and feedback for easy follow-up

Secured Your Payment

We offer protection with contracts and hold your project fees in escrow until the project is approved

How to Sign Up

With relevant creative qualifications, you can easily sign up by submitting your identification and qualification documents, then select the Qualification Groups, and build your portfolio. Once your identity and qualifications are verified, you can start getting projects on our platform.

1. Sign Up

3-step verification can be done by online or offline means. Online verification can be done anytime you want while offline verification will be done face-to-face at a scheduled time.

2. Document Authentication

To ensure talents’ identities and qualifications are authentic, you will need to submit identity document, proof of address, proof of employment or education.

3. Qualification Group

To match talents with the right projects, you will need to select your qualification group according to your years of experience. You can advance to higher groups when you attain a higher level of qualification in future.

4. Styles and Skills

To increase chances of project matching, you should provide portfolio and previous work which reflect your styles, skills, and expertise for clients’ review.

Talent Community

We understand you may encounter problems, frustrations, and bottleneck periods in your creative journey. Peer support and experience sharing would be helpful to you.

Talent Community strives to support fellow talents. Through organizing sharing session and online opinion exchange platform, we are devoted to helping you expand your network, find solutions to your problems. We stand ready to support and inspire you.

About Us

Hub2Co is founded by a team of advertising professionals who have extensive marketing and management experience in renowned media outlets and agencies. This platform is established to help creative talents to develop their personal brand and career. We aim to provide clients with diversified quality creative services to boost marketing effectiveness.

We are committed to building a welcoming environment that facilitates cultural development and nurtures creativity. Listen to our story and learn about our core values.